Rules (English)

➣ You give your direct consent regarding compliance with the server regulations from the moment you connect to it. You are obligated to read the regulations and adhere to them, otherwise you risk additional sanctions for each violation of the rules. ➣ The interpretation of any rule is PROHIBITED! You cannot interpret any rule as you please to gain advantages in a RolePlay. ➣ Even if some rules are open to interpretation, you are not allowed to use that to your advantage. ➣ Roleplay of the opposite gender to the player's real gender is not allowed. ➣ To join the server, you need a functional microphone to communicate with other players. ➣The maximum penalty imposed (violation) increases by 2 days for each deviation from the rules. For example, you receive a 1-day ban for PowerGaming, the 2nd violation results in a 3-day ban, the 3rd violation leads to a 5-day ban, and so on. The maximum penalty you can receive, which will NOT increase, is 15 days. ➣ The parameters of sanctions may be modified following administrative decisions, and these may be lowered or increased depending on the severity of the incident and other factors.
In Character (IC) - Represents all the actions that a player/character takes during roleplay. It is the opposite of the Out-Of-Character (OOC) meaning. ➣ Example: I created an account and a character, and everything I see and hear in the game is IC actions. Any other information I observe or hear in the game chat, Discord, YouTube, etc., is not considered IC information but OOC.
Out-of-character (OOC) - Represents all the actions you take outside of roleplay, and everything said on OOC channels (Discord, in-game chat, etc.). ➣ Example: All information discussed in the in-game chat or outside the game that is unrelated to what you have seen or heard in the game.
CHARACTER KILL (CK) - Following a CK, you lose everything your character possesses, with certain exceptions. Represents the character that has been killed under the following conditions below: Conditions: • When you provide important information to the police about the organization you are a part of. • When you accumulate too many criminal records. • When you commit suicide.
PLAYER-KILL (PK) - When you respawn at the hospital, you forget the last action you had, the location, and the people who participated in that action. ➣ Example: You are in a roleplay where you have been kidnapped. In the location where you are taken, people with masks and others without masks appear, but you can also identify their vehicles and license plate numbers. The roleplay progresses, and in the end, the people kill you. You respawn at the hospital, and you have to forget all the information from the last roleplay. Traffic Lights - In our community, traffic lights operate intermittently with the rule of giving right of way. The speed limit in the city is 70 km/h. The speed limit on national roads is 100 km/h. The speed limit on the highway is 150 km/h. Revenge Kill - The action of returning to the area where you engaged in previous roleplay after accepting your character's death and going back to the hospital to seek revenge. Returning to the specified area is allowed after a 30-minute cooldown. • First offense: warning • Second offense: ban for 1-3 days depending on the severity. Fail Roleplay - represents the situation in which a player fails to adhere to the rules and norms established for a realistic and authentic gaming experience. This includes actions or behaviors that are unrealistic, inappropriate, or violate the server's regulations. Inappropriate behavior in tickets is prohibited - By inappropriate behavior, we refer to any situation where you mock the administrative team or individuals involved in the ticket. 1-3 day ban in addition to the initial sanction received in the ticket. Corruption is prohibited both In Character (IC) and Out Of Character (OOC). ➣ Any act by which you offer goods obtained in government factions without prior RolePlay and in exaggerated quantities. ➣ Any illegal action that is punishable by imprisonment according to the Penal Code (for the police). ➣ Providing information that you acquire in the faction to which you belong (example: information from the police when a raid is taking place at an illegal location). Sanction: ban for 3-30 days depending on the severity of the situation.
1) Metagaming is prohibited - represents the use of OOC (Out Of Character) information for IC (In Character) purposes to gain advantages in roleplay. ➣ Example: Your friend writes to you in the chat to go pick him up from a location because he no longer has a car, and you go. -First Offense: 75-150 checkpoints - Second Offense: Warn - Three or more Offenses: Ban 1-3 days depending on severity NOTE: Streamsnipe (Streamsniping is when players go after a streamer and interfere with roleplay or use information from the stream); - Sanction: Ban 3-7 days depending on severity
2) Mixing is prohibited - Providing IC information in OOC. ➣ Example: A player is in front of a store without a car and is looking for another player in the in-game chat asking them to come pick them up. - First Offense: Mute 15-60 minutes - Second Offense: 75-150 checkpoints - Three or more Offenses: Warn up to a 1-day ban depending on severity
3) Power-gaming (PG) - This is a roleplay situation where you have supernatural powers or when you don't give a chance to the roleplay you've created for the people involved. ➣ Examples: • Talking, organizing, calling while being knocked down (killed). • Bandaging yourself when you have a weapon held with both hands. • Hitting a pole at 200km/h and continuing as if nothing happened. - Vehicle Actions - 75-150 checkpoints - Failure to Provide RolePlay - 1-day ban
4) Random Death Match (RDM) is prohibited - Attacking or shooting a player or group of players without any reason or prior roleplay. ➣ Example: You're walking down a street and suddenly see two people talking. You approach them and shoot them, but you haven't seen them before, and there's no prior roleplay connecting you to them. - First Offense: Warn - Second Offense: 1-day ban
5) Vehicle Death Match (VDM) is prohibited - Intentional running over of a player or group of players without a specific reason or prior roleplay. ➣ Example: You are traveling from one point to another and see a group of people on the sidewalk. You decide to run into them before continuing your journey. -First Offense: Warn -Second Offense: 1-3 day ban
6) Chicken-run is prohibited - Running in a zigzag to dodge bullets. -First Offense: 75-150 checkpoints
7) Olympic-swim is prohibited - Endless swimming is prohibited as in reality, you would tire without special training. ➣ Examples: • Police are chasing you, you stop near a pontoon and decide to jump to escape and swim without stopping. This is prohibited. • You fell out of a boat with your friends, and they moved far away. You're at a great distance from any shore and decide to swim there without stopping. This is prohibited. - First Offense: 75-150 checkpoints
8) Rob & Kill is prohibited - Robbing and subsequently killing a person is prohibited. ➣ Examples: • You've kidnapped a person, taken them to a secluded place, and robbed them. Killing them afterward is prohibited (the person can be killed, and it won't be considered Rob & Kill as long as you take away their communication channels - Station without robbing anything else). You can only kill them when you leave that place, and they follow you alone or meet with others to confront you/recover what you took. • Robbing a person and calling someone else to kill them with a pre-planned scheme. Exception to the rule: The robbed person, if they encounter the robber, can rob (only the initial robber) of everything in their inventory and subsequently kill them without having played 50 hours. The same situation applies when you receive an IC scam with illegal items. - First Offense: Warn - Second Offense: 1-3 day ban
9) Drop & Kill is prohibited - Forcing someone to drop all items and then killing them. ➣ Example: You decided to stop someone and force them, using intimidation, to drop everything in their inventory. Later, you decide to kill them. This is prohibited. - First Offense: Warn - Second Offense: 1-3 day ban
10) No-Fear (NF) is prohibited - It is the action of not being afraid for your own life. ➣ Examples: • Realistically not fearing death when threatened with a weapon or harmed in other situations. • Being alone and not being afraid to approach notorious areas where there are groups with weapons and starting to provoke them. • There is a conflict between mafias or mafia and police, and you are not afraid to pass through that area. This is prohibited. - First Offense: Warn - Second Offense: 1-3 day ban depending on severity - Third Offense: 5-7 day ban depending on severity
11) COP-FEAR (CF) is prohibited - The action of not being afraid in the vicinity of a police entity. ➣ Examples: • Arriving at the police station, you refuse to cooperate with them. • Refusing to leave an area at the request of the police department. • Trespassing on government property without invitation. - First Offense: Warn - Second Offense: 1-3 day ban
12) COP-BAIT (CB) is prohibited - The action of trying to attract the attention of the police department without prior roleplay leading to your own amusement. ➣ Examples: • Drifting and performing burnouts in the presence of a police crew. • Intentionally disregarding traffic markings and signals. • Passing by a police crew with your face covered. • Driving in front of the police station without license plates. • Making unfounded calls to 112 to bring them to an area only with the purpose of starting forced roleplay with them. EXCEPTION TO THE RULE: Cop-bait applies in a situation where the pursuit lasts more than 1 minute. - First Offense: 75-150 checkpoints - Second Offense: Warn
13) DISCONNECT IN ROLEPLAY is prohibited - Intentionally disconnecting from the server after roleplay to gain an advantage. ➣ Examples: • You're at an illegal location and disconnect when a raid from the police/mafia, even players, is imminent. • Disconnecting when being chased by the police. • Immediate disconnect after robbing a person or group of people. • You have the possibility and obligation to return to the server within a maximum of 5 minutes and inform the people involved in roleplay that you are returning (Discord, a friend's communication to announce later). NOTE: In situations involving the police in a raid at a location, a player who disconnects from the server will lose the items in their inventory/vehicle. - First Offense: Warn - Second Offense: 1-3 day ban depending on severity
14) OOC insults are prohibited - Using OOC communication within the community (in-game chat, Discord chat/voice) to insult community members is sanctioned according to severity, ranging from mute to permanent ban. - Sanction: Ban 3-5 days depending on severity (insults directed at players) - Sanction: Ban 7-permanent depending on severity (insults directed at STAFF members)
15) OOC Provocations are prohibited - Instigating an argument with a person or group of people following roleplay or returning to a previous action with the aim of annoying them can lead to your sanctioning depending on severity. ➣ Examples (in-game chat): • What have you done, buddy? • Here's a napkin! • Did you hurt yourself? - Sanction: 30-60 minutes mute depending on severity (in-game chat) - Sanction: 1-3 day ban for provocations in tickets - Sanction: Sanction based on Discord regulations (for provocations on Discord chat)
16) Advertising is prohibited - Any content promotion unrelated to the B-Zone community is prohibited! - First Offense: 30-day ban - Second Offense: Permanent ban
17) Trolling is prohibited - Any attempt to interact with other players and repeatedly violate the rules just for your own amusement will result in a permanent account ban. - Sanction: 30-day ban for accounts with more than 10 hours played on the server. - Sanction: Permanent ban for accounts with less than 10 hours played on the server.
18) Bug Abuse is prohibited - Creating an advantage by using a bug/exploit and not reporting it, depending on severity, will result in the withdrawal of obtained goods to a permanent ban. OOC Threats are prohibited - Any form of intimidating another person through blackmail or threats of any nature or severity may result in a permanent ban. Accumulation of warns - Accumulating 3 warns will lead to a temporary ban of 5 days.
19) Ban Evading - Attempting to connect to the server by any means to avoid a temporary or permanent ban will result in a permanent ban and the blocking of any access routes. 20) Hacking - Using programs to gain advantages or disturb other players for your own amusement is PROHIBITED and will result in a permanent account ban. ➣ If you are suspected of hacking, you will be taken for tests; these can be refused, but you will be penalized with a 30-day ban on the first offense, and the ban will become permanent on the second offense. 21) Nasty - Any attitude or behavior that indicates you are superior to other players without roleplay is prohibited and will be sanctioned according to severity. ➣ Examples: • Spitting on players and/or insulting them without a valid reason. • Displaying an air of superiority towards individuals working legal jobs. - First Offense: Warn - Second Offense: 1-3 day ban depending on severity - Third Offense: 5-7 day ban depending on severity Hostage Hostage - Taking an individual or group of individuals under their threat with the aim of gaining an advantage in roleplay is allowed, but not for more than 2 hours from the moment they were taken. NOTE: In case the player(s) can no longer stay, they are allowed to postpone or have an obligation to return at the agreed-upon date and time. NOTE 2: Based on complex roleplay, the maximum 2-hour term can be modified with the approval of a senior staff member.
Kidnapping - is allowed only based on the following aspects: The area from which they are kidnapped should be a secluded area. If a vehicle is used, there should be at least 2 people kidnapping the person/people. In the time interval 20:00 - 07:00. The kidnapped person should not be at a legal job or on its route.
22) Terrorist actions are prohibited without the approval of a senior staff member. ➣ Examples: • Entering government grounds armed. • Using firearms of any caliber in public locations. • Using explosives that endanger lives or cause unjustified damage to public spaces (robberies). • Intentionally setting a vehicle on fire in the vicinity of citizens. - First Offense: 1-3 day ban depending on severity - Second Offense: 3-5 day ban depending on severity - Third Offense: 7-14 day ban depending on severity
23) Pit-Stop is forbidden using the maneuver at a speed of over 150 km/h and forbidden regardless of speed for cars in the sports, super sports categories. TO BE REVISITED FOR ADDING CAR CLASSES.
24) AFK is prohibited for more than 5 minutes in a populated public area (police station, hospital, etc.) and more than 30 minutes in a secluded area. AFK in an important location such as Illegal Jobs in a way that gives you an advantage of not interacting with the police will be sanctioned with a warn.
25) Refusing RP - Any attempt to hinder roleplay involving multiple parties/people. ➣ Examples: • Going to the police station and refusing interaction with them for various reasons, citing the resolution of personal issues alone. • Going to an auto service where its employees are and fixing your car without interacting with them. • Interaction with a vehicle where you do not want to unlock the car for inspection/robbery is prohibited. - First Offense: Warn - Second Offense: 1-3 day ban depending on severity
COMA - a situation in which you are incapacitated for various reasons (shot, lack of food/water, etc.) It is FORBIDDEN to communicate through any means, both IC and OOC, while you are in a coma. It is ALLOWED to call a medic by pressing the designated key to be saved.
26) SCARY ROLEPLAY is a roleplay that individuals engage in to denigrate others through their actions or make them do so. Roleplays of this kind are only done with the consent of both parties involved. ➣ Examples: • Using /me for actions like: urinating on someone, spitting on them, etc. - Sanction: 1-3 day ban depending on severity
27) NINJA-JACK - The action of getting into a vehicle immediately after a player has exited it and driving away without knowing if the keys are in the ignition. Example: A player stops an expensive car near you, you want to steal it, the doors are open, and to avoid being caught by the owner, you press the key to start the engine and drive away immediately. - First Offense: 75-150 checkpoints - Second Offense: Warn - Third Offense: 1-3 day ban depending on severity
28) Non-RP Driving - The action of using a vehicle in a way that you realistically couldn't. For each category below, a maximum speed limit will be imposed for each type of car, depending on its suspension. If your life is in danger, you are allowed to add an additional 30 km/h to the maximum speed. WARNING: Any vehicle traveling at more than 200 km/h in town is considered Non-RP. OFF-ROAD: To drive a vehicle on off-road roads (roads marked in brown on the radar), you are required not to exceed the maximum speed of 50 km/h. - First Offense: 75-150 checkpoints - Second Offense: Warn - Third Offense: 1-3 day ban depending on severity 29) EXTREME OFF-ROAD: To drive a car in the mountains (unmarked roads), you must consider the following aspects: The car must be equipped with OFF-ROAD wheels. The car must be a Jeep with good suspension and high clearance. Speed should not exceed 50 km/h. MOTORCYCLES - For each category of motorcycle, the following aspects are imposed in different situations: Wheeling is prohibited at a speed higher than 50 km/h when there are 2 people on it, regardless of the motorcycle category. Speed Bikes - are intended to be used only on paved roads without a speed limit outside the city. Crosses: It is allowed to use them on forest roads (marked in brown on the radar) with a maximum speed of 70 km/h and on unmarked roads with a maximum speed of 50 km/h. HELICOPTERS - Landing a helicopter in an unprepared place (helipad) except for department helicopters (police or SMURD) is prohibited. Landing with department helicopters is done in an urgent and/or important action in any flat location.
30) CAR-RAM (CR) - Using a vehicle with the intention of hitting another vehicle without prior roleplay or parking it over a player is prohibited and will be sanctioned with Checkpoints up to a WARN. - First Offense: 75-150 checkpoints - Second Offense: Warn 31) Name IC - The use of popular names, particularly with the intent and/or intention of trolling, is prohibited. The names chosen for the character must be realistic. The names can be either real or invented by you and should be encountered in everyday life.
Examples of prohibited names: ➣ Mickael Jackson ➣ Jhon Coa*eLungi ➣ MaJocBine 32) Inappropriate Behavior Towards GIRLS is prohibited - any form of inappropriate behavior, verbal harassment, disdain, or gender-based discrimination directed towards girls.
This includes, but is not limited to: ➣ Use of obscene language or sexual innuendos in conversations with girls on the server. ➣ Constant or persistent harassment of female players through private messages, public chat, or other means of communication available on the server. ➣ Players are required to respect the rights and comfort of all players, regardless of gender, and refrain from any behavior that could create an unwanted or unpleasant environment. ➣ The server administration will investigate reports of violations of this rule and take appropriate action based on severity, ranging from SANCTION to SANCTION. The purpose of this rule is to ensure a friendly, respectful, and inclusive environment for all players, regardless of gender, and to prevent any form of discrimination or harassment. - the sanction can range from a warning to a 7-day ban depending on the severity.
33) Ticket in RolePlay - Issuing a ticket during a RolePlay is prohibited except in situations where the violated rule is severe and does not allow the continuation of RolePlay. - First Offense: Warn - Second Offense: 1-3 day ban depending on severity 34) OOC Transactions
➣ Real-world goods transactions or attempts at conducting business with real-world goods within the game are not allowed (sanction: permanent ban). ➣ Transactions or attempts at transactions involving real-world accounts or in-game goods are not allowed (sanction: permanent ban without the possibility of purchasing an unban). 35) Legal Jobs - When you are at a legal job, you have the duty to adhere to the following rules: • Continue to work in the allocated uniform for that job. • Maintain appropriate behavior at the workplace. • Do not rob or kidnap players while at the workplace. Sanction: 75-150 checkpoints or a warning, depending on the severity of the situation. Player Robbery Rules Illegal Activities in Public Area - An action is considered illegal in a public area when an individual or a group of individuals commit a crime in a densely populated area, on a highway, or in proximity to a store, gas station, or any other type of business. It is also prohibited to engage in illegal activities near a hospital, police station, or prison. Example: ➣ Brandishing a white weapon/firearm in public areas ➣ Killing a player in public areas ➣ Opening fire in public areas • First offense: 75-150 checkpoints • Second offense: warning • Third offense: 1-3 day ban Red Zones Red zones are areas where illegal items are planted or crafted. Areas with a legitimate job that contributes to the evolution of illegal actions on the server are not considered red zones. Example: Miner Illegalities under 50 hours - Any type of illegality is prohibited in red zones if you do not have 50 hours on your account. You cannot participate in an action where one or more individuals have over 50 hours, and you do not. Everyone must meet this criterion. The following are allowed in these zones - Robbing individuals can be carried out regardless of the time (the robbery interval does not apply) as long as the individuals are in the red zone. All items they possess or that are in the vehicle they arrived in can be taken. Individuals involved in a fight in the red zone cannot leave for a public area. Firing is ALLOWED if communication and negotiation between players are not desired, as everyone recognizes this area as illegal, and there is a minimum roleplay aspect in this regard. The Revenge-KILL rule does not apply in the red zone. Alliance between mafias/groups - An alliance can be formed between a maximum of 2 groups recognized by the syndicate. If a group has not been recognized by the syndicate, they cannot form an alliance. In red zones, more than 2 mafias/groups can ally only if the police intervene in these zones. The time interval during which you can rob a player is from 20:00 to 08:00. It is prohibited to rob a player if you have played less than 50 hours on the server (the rule applies to all individuals involved in that robbery - the ones who commit the robbery). To be able to rob, you need at least one melee weapon / firearm on you.
Robbing individuals in public places is forbidden. We define public places as areas where surveillance cameras are present (banks, gas stations, stores, ATMs, or populated areas not marked in red on the map below).
It is prohibited to rob a medic on duty or individuals at state-provided workplaces (legal). Inviting individuals from public areas into your own vehicle is allowed at the risk of exposing yourself, with the intention of later taking them to secluded areas. For this action, you need to be at least 2 people.
You can only rob a person of the items on them / the items in the vehicle they were driving at the time of the robbery.
You are not allowed to kill a player who has been robbed (exception if they continue to pursue or speak rudely after being robbed).
A player who has been robbed can only be robbed by the same robber if at least 5 hours have passed.
red zones where the players can be robbed